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Each year we have over 500 unique homeless individuals connect with us through one of our programs. In 2013, we launched our Outreach program with three goals, to: 1) contact, 2) assess, and 3) connect with services the homeless people we meet in our neighborhood. We aim first to build relationships with our neighbors who are homeless. As people are willing, our staff does an assessment of each client. Lastly, we try to connect our clients with the services they need, including: medical, mental health, disability, Veterans services, ID, birth certificates, housing, and other support services. Outreach works with the most vulnerable in our community, helping them move to greater stability.

Get Involved: The first point of contact our Outreach program for many clients is the Resource Table at our Food Pantry every Saturday. Trained resource volunteers get to know pantry guests who are homeless, building rapport and connecting them with housing and mental health services, helping process disability benefits, food stamps, and other supports. Volunteers will be trained.